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Valerie A. Gist LPC/S, LMFT

Valerie A. Gist is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC License Number 5040), a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT License Number 4572), and a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPCS License Number 5430) in the State of South Carolina through South Carolina Department of Labor, Licenseing, and Regulation.

Her practice provides an atmosphere of trust and security when working with clients of all ages and she successfully incorporates a professional dialog to address your specific needs. She utilizes cognitive, behavioral, connecting in the mind, body, and spirit, and solution-focused methods while identifying a client’s ecological systems to strengthen both the individual and family unit. This sound, professional style allows optimal levels of success when working with an individual or couple as well as families and groups. Valerie provides a holistic approach with her expertise in reducing anxiety, reducing depression, increasing self awareness, learning about sleep hygiene to focus on creating healthy patterns, increasing coping skills, increasing healthy connections with others to help the client achieve their personal therapeutic goals. Valerie graduated from the University of South Carolina with an Education Specialist Degree in Counselor Education with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and has experience counseling a variety of client populations with diverse issues.

Valerie’s last work with an agency was with Magellan Health working as Military and Family Life Counselor. She has also worked at the Medical University of South Carolina as a Clinical Counselor and Eau Claire Behavioral Medicine as a Clinical Counselor in Columbia. She trained at Richland School District Two as an Intervention Specialist as well as her role as a Mental Health Counselor for the Lexington County Community School-Based Mental Health Center has proved invaluable in her practice. Her experience allows her to quickly identify and resolve conflicts experienced by, and contributing to, the overall stress and frustrations faced daily and often manifesting negatively in marriages and families. While working as a Clinical Counselor at Columbia Metro Treatment Center, Valerie has also experienced first-hand the results of unresolved struggles for adults, when they manifest into drug and alcohol addictions, depression and self-esteem battles. Our goal is to identify the root cause of the problems interfering with an individual’s ability to feel better and lead a more confident, meaningful life and Valerie believes that, although life’s challenges often seem overwhelming, counseling can help. Therapy is the opportunity to learn about yourself, and to use that knowledge to make changes that you have been unable to in the past. Valerie brings a broad spectrum of experience in the field of psychology which helps address an array of challenges that people face, such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, life transitions, creating families and overcoming trauma.



Please call (803) 429-3131 to schedule an appointment with Valerie Gist


James Island Office

Harbor View Presbyterian Church

900 Harbor View Road

Charleston, SC 29412

-when looking at the Church drive down the driveway to the left side of the church towards the gym.  The office is the in front of the four side parking spaces.



$100 per 46-55 minute session Diagnostic Interview (first session)

$100 per 46-55 minute session Individual, Family, or Couples Therapy
$30 per hour Group Sessions
$100 per hour Individual LPC Supervision for Valerie Gist or $50 split
$50 per hour Group Supervision for LPC Intern for Valerie Gist



Personal checks, and cash are the only acceptable forms of payment at this time.

NOTE: All payments are due at the time of service.  A $30 fee will be required for all payments returned for insufficient funds.

If payment arrangements are agreed upon and your account becomes delinquent, you will not be permitted to schedule subsequent appointments until the bill is paid in full.


While the therapist does not participate on any insurance panels, she is happy to provide you any documentation (including a clinical receipt of services), which you can use to submit to your insurance or health savings plan. Some insurance plans may cover part of the cost of out of network providers; you would need to call your insurance company to inquire about your plan. Please note that insurance companies require a mental health/illness diagnosis to pay for sessions, and if a diagnosis is given, that will be recorded into your permanent file.



48 hours notice is required for all canceled or rescheduled appointments. If a client does not show up for a scheduled appointment, and has not has not notified the therapist by phone at least 48 hours in advance, the client will be required to pay the full cost of the scheduled session.

When canceling your appointment, Client should leave a detailed message including the time and date of the scheduled appointment and a date and time desired for rescheduled appointment. You will be notified whether or not the appoint time is available.



Absolutely no information about you or your case will be released to anyone without your written authorization and consent with certain exceptions. These exceptions include suspected child or elder abuse or neglect, court orders, danger to self or others, and/or medical emergency to ensure a client’s health and safety.



The therapist does not use technology communication aside from phone contact or face to face scheduled sessions. After receiving permission, a reminder email will be sent to clients informing them of the upcoming appt.  Any client may decline to receive the email. No email, Skype, texting, FaceTime, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other technology forms of communication are used due to the lack of HIPPA approved applications. Therapist will use these forums to publish blogs and promote but it will not be used for communication means. Using any form of technology is a risk and the therapist is only comfortable using secured phone contact.
The IPad application is used to maintain basic notes, intake forms, and personal information through the therapist’s IPad. The application is used and is protected through encrypted database, encryptyed passcode, device syncing protected by SSL encryption which is HIPPA compliant. If a client uses any form of technology to communicate about treatment the therapist will not respond.
The therapist markets through many technology venues but does not communicate with clients through these modes.



Therapist does not do crisis interventions or management. If there is an emergency the client must call 911 or go to their local hospital. Therapist does not answer the phone during non business hours nor while with another client.