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Space for Hourly Rental available at Counseling & Holistic Wellness of Charleston

Our beautiful lobby is available for an hourly rental fee at Counseling & Holistic Wellness of Charleston for movement classes, […]

Yoga & Essential Oils Workshop- RELEASE on Wednesday 10/25/17 from 6:30-8:00pm with Melody Herscher and Liz Jennette

We are doing it again! October 25 we’re hosting the second session of our yoga and essential oil series. The […]

Allergy Tea from Island Bloom Herbals and article on seasonal allergies

Presenting….Allergy Tea!!!! The stars of the show are Stinging Nettle (which is a power herb 🌿 and one of my […]

Stress: It’s Not in Your Head, it’s in Your Nervous System

Great article explaining the biological and neurological response that our body experiences through trauma and stress. The article explains the […]

Special Yoga Issue of Natural Awakenings

Check out the September issue of Natural Awakenings, a Charleston magazine that highlights articles businesses, classes, workshops and events that feed […]

Mindfulness and mood disorders in the brain

 It is science.  Check out the following article about the neurological changes that happen through practicing mindfulness techniques. http://www.apa.org/monitor/2015/03/mindfulness-mood.aspx


Infomative article that lists 8 popular brands of cosmetics companies that claim to be organic but the ingredient list show […]

8 Healthy Habits Of Couples Who Attend Marriage Therapy

Fantastic article about the skills that are guided, practiced, and learned through couples therapy ❤️   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/what-couples-who-attend-therapy-learn_us_591b7869e4b041db8965373a  

September 14th 6-7:30pm Living on Edge Monthly Women’s Support Group

Come join our Women’s support group. If you feel tired, stressed, worried, doing so much but not anything well, and/or […]